Isaac Fanous’ s entry in the Claremont Coptic Encyclopaedia

Professor Isaac Fanous Youssef

Click on the link to access article in the Claremont Coptic Encyclopaedia

This year marks the centenary of the birth of Isaac Fanous in December 1919. It has been 12 years since his passing in 2007 that he left the Coptic Church bereft of its greatest ever icon master.

Monica René is a coptologist specialised in the Neo-Coptic School and Prof Isaac Fanous’ only student in iconology. She was commissioned by the Claremont Coptic Encyclopaedia to write its first entry for Isaac Fanous, in celebration of his life and recognition of his unparalleled achievements in the field of Coptic art.

No man is ever a prophet in his own country and as Monica points out in her text, most of the recognition he received for his achievements came from abroad, not from Egypt where he faced a significant amount of opposition and struggles over the years, but none strong enough to stop him fulfilling his life’s work and creating works of staggering beauty and spiritual depth.


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